Magic is yet another WIP aspect of this mod. It will run on a system known as Faith, which you gain through killing animals, doing quests, and fighting the RDA. It will be only for the Na'vi, as they are directly connected to Eywa and Pandora. Spells will be done through items, and they will do things such as summon creatures to help fight or surround you with fire. We also have added staffs, such as the lightning staff which shoots and entity out and lightning strikes wherever the entity lands. It is planned to be a part of the Add-ons system.


Currently, it is in WIP, but we plan for there to be at least 5 spells

Summon Toruk

Summon Viperwolf

Summon Banshee

Summon Hammerhead

Summon Crowd of Hexapedes

The staffs are also early WIP, but here are a view:

Lightning, fire, and earth.